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Kiln interior during firingJohn spent three years building the Seagrove area's first Anagama wood-fired kiln. Anagama is a Japanese term which means single-chambered climbing kiln. This kiln stair-steps the steep slope behind the Cady Clay Works studio, taking advantage of natural drafts created when heat rises through the kiln from the firebox at the foot of the hill to the tall chimney at the top of the hill.

After a month of making pots and three days of loading the kiln, we stoke the kiln with slabs of wood for 55 continuous hours. Ultimately, the temperature inside John coming out of kiln after wood buring firing is completedthe kiln reaches over 2400° F. The flashing from the flame's path, the wood ash that settles on pots as it is carried through the kiln, and the soda we add to create a glazed surface all contribute to the creation of each piece.

It's hard to wait three or four days for the kiln to cool before we unload it. After giving up so much control of the final outcome of each pot to the kiln process, it's exciting to unload the kiln! No two pieces are ever alike.

We fire our Anagama each year in the Fall, usually in October. If you would like to receive an email notice of our kiln openings, please email us at

Click here to see some pieces from the firing